Naples, Pompeii & Herculaneum

Tour Naples old town with a local and enjoy a fascinating itinerary including some famous piazzas, including Piazza Plebiscito with the majestic Royal Palace and Piazza San Domenico, the marvelous Cathedral and suggestive historic churches. Are you hungry? No problem. Your are soon going to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza during a private cooking class with a true “pizzaiolo”. Under his watchful eye, mix and knead your own dough, and then top it with the finest local ingredients. Sit down with your family or friends and enjoy your very own Neapolitan pizza!

In the afternoon a short drive brings us to Herculaneum, the ancient Roman town devastated by Mt. Vesuvius. Explore the excavations and learn about life as it was during the Roman Empire. Next we visit a one-of-a-kind archeological marvel: Pompeii, a UNESCO World Heritage Site like no other. When Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, the once bustling city became buried in ash and pumice. The event was tragic but is now magic for tourists who want to see a perfectly preserved fossil record of ancient Roman life.  You’ll walk the footsteps of aristocrats and commoners alike, learning how they lived. Your expert local guide will provide an interactive and totally immersive educational experience. They’ll point out beautiful mosaics, fossilized remains, and hidden details of the famous ruins you would miss by going on your own. Moreover, the homes of the ancient city’s most influential people, called Domus, have been recently restored and opened to the public. This is your chance to see how the elite truly lived as you marvel at the colorful frescoes of animals, gods and landscapes, still adorning their once-expensive abodes.

Italy is open to American travelers.

Visitors are welcome to visit Italy without a mandatory 10-day quarantine if arriving on a Covid-tested flight to Rome, Milan, Naples or Venice.

Travelers on these flights, regardless of vaccination status, must be tested before departure and again upon arrival to be exempt from quarantine.



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