Italy offers visitors a huge variety of experiences, you may not know about. Italy is famous for its glamorous art cities - think Florence birthplace of the Renaissance or Rome, the Eternal City – for its fine cuisine, for the charming sea villages of the Amalfi Coast or for the excellent award winning Tuscan wines.

But this boot-shaped peninsula has a lot more to offer.

For instance, you can immerse yourself in local culture by learning to make pizza in Naples, live like a rock star in your private villa on Lake Como, trek Le Langhe Hills or wield a gladiator's sword in Rome. On this page we featured only some of the experiences, but please visit also our “destinations” webpage to find out more about “what to see” and “what to do” in Italy.

Whether you are still in the dreaming stages or you have been to Italy already, DG will design for you the ideal “Vacanza Italiana!”


Any time you wish to discover the artistic treasures of Italy will undoubtedly be overwhelmed by impressive antique art and numerous remarkable sights. Grand cities like Rome, Florence, Venice, captivating and exhilarating towns of medieval buildings and art are spread all over Italy remembering of the times of great history, culture and spirituality. Perceive the deep sense and rare beauty of “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci, or admire the works of art of Jacopo della Quercia, one of the earliest Italian Renaissance sculptors, in Siena, S.Gimignano and Lucca. The Scrovegni Chapel in Padua with its gorgeous frescoes by Giotto and the Cupola del Brunellschi designed by Vasari in Florence are with no doubt worth seeing. The ancient Palace of the Canonici, nestled in the heart of Gubbio, simply enraptures, rising from the shadow of the extraordinary Cathedral dazzling with its architectural peculiarities and the original hand-manufactured goods. Appreciate DG VIP Vatican Tour with the best tour guides and with no queues for tickets. Creating friendly and cozy atmosphere, our first class professional guides, thoroughly selected, will give you a unique chance to perceive to the full extent the priceless heritage, history and culture of your chosen destination.


Eager to taste and come ecstatic over the Italian haute cuisine? Being your personal “Michelin Guide”, DG boasts an impressive portfolio of gourmet restaurants of Italy, leaving you immensely enjoy your carefree holidays and fully admire Italian culinary splendor. Whether in luxurious hotels or trendy restaurants, that offer truly impeccable service, you will be amazed by the chef’s creativity and unique design of mouth-watering specialties, accompanied by the finest wines which an aspiring sommelier will always be happy to advise. Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering food during our off-the-beaten-path foodie explorations, visiting picturesque local markets in Bologna, Florence or Palermo, cheese and ham factories and sampling authentic street food. Or you may join our Glamour-On-The-Table programs with hands-on experiences, cooking authentic, seasonal Italian dishes and pizza, sharing the great passion of the best chefs for recreating ancient customs and traditions into a grand contemporary feast. Liguria, Tuscany, Sicily and Campania offer savory dishes to be cooked and tempted by, while a unique nighttime Truffle hunt experience can be held exclusively in Le Langhe region, with our “triffulau” Beppe and his dog Luna.


Italy is a wonderful feast, with everything conspiring to please the senses: the food and wine, the art and culture... Let DG tailor your unique itinerary through the wine regions of this splendid country! On DG wine tours you’ll gain unique impressions at cutting-edge wineries, have private superb wine tastings at ancient castles, be invited into growers’ cellars and discover great wines. For many people, Tuscany is Italy. Its vineyards, rich red wines, balmy summers, and cypress-ringed villas weave a spell that is almost impossible to resist. Experience the pure excellence in taste of Brunello di Montalcino followed by a typical Tuscan dining in the shadow of a medieval Castle. Admire the unusual round vineyard of Avignonesi winery or enjoy tasting of the best wines at Osteria di Passignano by Antinori … You’ll love Tuscany, but nothing can prepare you for the wonders and unforgettable tastes of Veneto, Piedmont, Sicily and Apulia!


After having pronounced the fateful “Yes”, escape to Italy for a truly memorable honeymoon. Italy offers a bevy of options for a newly wedded couple to sit back, relax and enjoy their love for one another. Allow yourselves a couple of weeks to discover Italy’s most romantic spots including Venice, Portofino and the Amalfi Coast, famous in the world for its beauty and natural romance. The perfumed Tuscan countryside surrounded by a beautiful scenery, or the enchanting Como Lake with its elegant lake shore are unique places to enjoy peace and serenity, to escape the calamity of the world and simply relax. Still to be uncovered is the wild and unspoilt rocky promontory of Capospartivento in Sardinia with its stunning lighthouse, now a glamorous suite hotel, offering an exceptional 360° view and a once a lifetime experience! Italy has in store many more spectacular, chic destinations,  ideal for a romantic getaway. During your honeymoon, you will have plenty of time at leisure, admire infinite sunsets, sample delicious food and enjoy the most scenic drives.


Fashion and travel go together like size double-0 dresses and coffee-and-cigarette breakfasts - they need each other. Add a bit of chic to your shopping with DG shopping tours that leave merely lasting impression. The European fashion city of Milan, the stylish «capital» of Costa Smeralda - Porto Cervo, Capri and Florence offer unique shopping areas with the latest designer outfits, exclusive pieces of jewelry, clothes and accessories to die for - everything that pictures the splendor of a chic and fashionable lifestyle. The great shopping outlets, just a short distance away from Florence, Rome and Milan, feature the most prestigious National and International high fashion brands at really competitive prices. The motto here is “shop till you drop!” and these exclusive outlet stores seem to be the right places to follow that credo. An expert in luxury and elegance, a real connoisseur of style, our Personal Shopper will guide you around the most chic shopping areas of stylish Italian cities, sharing with you her own experience of true fashionista and helping you perfectly blend together an entire season’s wardrobe based on your needs and style. Our only request? When you show up, please be fabulous!


While visiting our splendid peninsula, grab the opportunity to enjoy unique and purely exciting experiences! Spend a day of true pleasure on Monza race track driving a collection of Formula 1 or GT Super Cars at the speeds they were designed for.  Drive to the limit and find out what these cars are all about! Pilot yourself one of the VIP helicopters, having on board your family or friends. Under the supervision of experienced flight instructors, you will enjoy a unique helicopter ride, flying above the stunning peaks of the Matterhorn and admiring the incomparable beauty of Lake Maggiore. Fly amongst towering summits and ski famous peaks with DG Heli-Skiing programs! With purely VIP approach, DG blends the essentials of refined European hospitality and breathtaking ski descents in a wilderness that seems to go on forever. Or, any time you think of a special event or a memorable evening out to enjoy in a stunningly luxurious setting, we will nicely surprise you with a wide list of extraordinary things to do which will guarantee your experience will truly be one fit for a king!